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A Fresh Taste of the Sea

Satisfy your cravings without leaving your oasis at at the Mediterranean and asian fusion Aqua Tonic Restaurant.

Aqua Tonic is your exclusive resort dining destination, conveniently located just steps from your room. Using only the freshest ingredients from the Club’s own hydroponic system, you can always expect mouthwatering entrees, crisp salads, and the most decadent desserts. Stick around for a few drinks as you mingle and soak in the peaceful island atmosphere.

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Embrace a unique blend of Mediterranean and Asian Fusion as you soak in a truly satisfying experience that leaves nothing to be desired.


Embrace a unique blend of Mediterranean and Asian Fusion as you soak in a truly satisfying experience that leaves nothing to be desired.


The Freshest Fruits and Nuts


A Taste of Blended Cultures


Divine Entrees from a World Class Chef



Yolimar Guzmán

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Yolimar Guzmán was born on January 15th in Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Universidad José María Vargas.

Chef Guzmán has been interested in gastronomy since her early childhood. Upon completing her studies in Education, she began to train as a pastry chef. However, she felt very passionate about gastronomy. Before class, she would visit her mother, who was working as a chef for the Embassy of France at that time, to observe the preparation process of several dishes.

She participated in various gastronomic events of the Austrian Embassy and prepared desserts and artisan bread for the Swiss Embassy for four consecutive years. In July 2022, she had the honor of creating and preparing desserts for the celebration of the Swiss National Day in Venezuela.

Tell us what the kitchen means to you?

 The kitchen is where the magic that lives within me is expressed. I enjoy doing my work very much. I love cooking, innovating, and creating. With each recipe, I try to establish a connection with my guests. I want them to feel a unique and particular feeling when they taste my food. I hope people can taste the love, creativity, and passion in each bite.

Cooking sets you free. Chefs are artists, creating art in the food we prepare, which has the unique ability to touch the heart with every bite.  There are no limits to creativity.

As a child, I could be found in a kitchen with my grandmother from the moment I was eight years old. She was a woman I loved and honored because she was a part of my beginnings in gastronomy. I remember climbing onto a stool to reach the stove. I loved watching her cook, and she loved teaching me. It was at that moment that my professional training began.

I am now in an excellent place, surrounded by the best team, and in my prime. I am a firm believer in energies.


Mediterranean & Asian Fusion Gastronomy


If you’re in the mood for divine cuisine that is unlike anything else during your stay at Club VDC, look no further than Aqua Tonic Restaurant, conveniently located just steps from your room…

Abundant with fresh fruits & veggies, savory meats, exotic seafood, and the most aromatic herbs, once you treat your taste buds to the fine combination of Mediterranean and Asian Fusion cuisine offered at Aqua Tonic Restaurant, you’ll never want the experience to end. Enjoy a radiant atmosphere that fosters an environment of truly distinct culture and flavor, as Chef Yolimar Guzman seamlessly integrates a multitude of ingredients to craft delightful meals that are unlike anything else.


Fun Facts

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The aquarium bar at Restaurant Aqua Tonic is one of only five aquarium bars worldwide. Talk about the perfect photo opportunity.

Inspired by Travel

Inspiration for the Churuata structure came from founder Paul Caswell’s travels to New Caledonia, where he was awed by similar structures.