Planting seeds for Future Generations

Vientos Del Caribe has set up the Planta Una Planta Foundation with an eye toward the future of our local community here on Margarita Island.

The goal of the foundation is to plant a seed for future generations to grow up respecting the local community and work toward ensuring it is valued and well taken care of.

Planta Una Plana is involved in a number of activities across Margarita Island including:


  • Sending a team of 6 or 7 people to clean the town on a regular basis including washing the curbs, trimming the plants and foliage, picking up garbage, etc.
  • Investing in the local clinic/hospital to get it back up and running, securing medical care and donations, and funding a doctor to come in a few times a week to attend to the local residents.
  • Working to get the local school up and running.
  • Employing people from the local community at Vientos Del Caribe and providing them with food, water, and income.
  • Rehabilitating the local sports field so the kids have a safe area to play.
  • Providing classes for the local children to teach them to make things from recycled materials which offers an education on how to conserve and reuse things.